Eze min goral hamazal meta'atea,

Ma chashuv bichlal biglala od eshtagea.

Rak balev ze tzorev lo yom velo layla

Kama ani ohev aval klum lo nira la

Layla over sheket gover

Kach sviv atzmi betoch beiti,

Bamitbach basalon bamirpeset bachalon

Otam hergelim otam targilim

Ma atrid et nishmati
Mistovev beveiti lo motze et atzmi

Kacha mecheder lecheder
mashehu kan lo beseder

Mistovev babayit - mistovev

Kach mul hamasach barchovot mitga'agea
Regesh mesuchsach mechapes lo nogea

Mashmaut lo pashut elohim ma kore li

Kama hakol tzafui veharosh mistachrer li


What a fate, luck is playing with me,
it doesn't matter I will go crazy because of her.

My heart is empty and it burns me, no day any night,

I love her very much but she doesn't care.
The night ends, it is quiet,
I am in my house around my self,

In the kitchen, lounge, on the balcony though the window.

Same habits same exercise,
what bothers my soul?

Goes around my house can't find my self.

From one room to the other,
some thing here is wrong,
goes around and around.

In front of the screen I miss her so much,
fighting with my emotions I look for meaning,

God, what is wrong with me?
Every thing is expected and I get dizzy.



The words to this song were transliterated and translated by
Chana Shuvaly of Shir Verikud, Melbourne, Australia.

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