Ima ne'enachat eizo hamula,
rak habanavim zochim betehila
Ein siba ve'en goral hakol mazal,
mistovev mistovev lo hagalgal

Ima ne'enachat kol hazman atzim,
lo ro'im enayim lo ro'im eitzim
Rak kesheha'etz mutal al hakarka,
mitbarer kama gavo'ha hu haya

Lo tzarich harbei kdey le'ha'amin
Lo livkot velo litzchok tzarich rak lehavin
Lo tzarich harbei kdey le'ha'amin
Lo livkot velo litzchok tzarich rak lehavin

Ima ne'enachat im livchor ke'ev
tov ke'ev habeten mike'ev halev

Yesh trufa lakol rak lo le'oni vetipshut,
ima, bli rofe basof harey namut

Ahava vekesef me'ni'im olam,
ahava lerega vehakesef le'olam
Kesef hu kmo mayim meluchim me'od,
rega hem marvim veshuv rotzim lishtot

Lo tzarich….

Kol davar hu tov rak bamida hanechona,
al tihyi tova midai velo midai shnuna
Hishtamshi barosh hitya'atzi balev,
zman hu gam yadid aval larov oyev

Uvaboker lo lashir velo litzchok bekol,
hasatan orev bechol pina ro'e hakol
Mi sheshar baboker od yivke mara,
besofo shel yom bevo hachashecha

Ima kvar enena ach ani bita,
od zocheret od nizheret od ma'amina
Babkarim mukdam me'od ani bocha,
uvalayla shara menagenet bishvilcha

Lo tzarich…..

Mum sighs:"What a noise,
only the thieves get famous
There is no reason, no fate, every thing is luck
The wheel goes round and round"

Mum sighs:"people run all the time,
they can't see the eyes or the trees,
Only when the trees lies on the ground,
you can see how tall it was"

You don't need much to believe,
not to cry, not to laugh,
You just need to understand.

Mum sighs:" if you need to choose the pain,
better to have a stomach ache
Than a heart ache.
There is a cure for every thing except
poverty and stupidity"
But mum without a doctor we will die?

Love and money make the world go round,
love for a minute, money for ever
Money is like very salty water,
it satisfies for a minute
and then you want to drink again.

You don't need much…..

Every thing is good only in the right portion,
don't be too good and not too sharp
Use your head and counsel your heart,
time is a friend but mostly it is an enemy

Don't sing in the morning, don't laugh loud, the devil sees all and hides in the corner
He who sings in the morning will cry bitterly at the end of the day when it is dark

Mum is not with us any more, but I am her daughter,
I remember, I am careful, and I believe
Early in the morning I still cry,
and at night I sing and play for you

You don't need…..





The words to this song were transliterated and translated by
Chana Shuvaly of Shir Verikud, Melbourne, Australia.

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