Ha’olam hachole be’od eser shanim
Yikpa bevadai, amra koteret itonim,
Letoch hasalat nafal hashalat,
Hageshem yarad, halachti le’at

Lo lakachti lalev, ra’iti etz shenishbar
Betoch sade afti achrayich kmo haparpar
Hayinu rchokim, hayinu krovim,
Lo lakachti lalev gam yamim arukim.

Lo lakachti lalev, et ze vehahu
Bevoker kasha hitchalti larutz
Lo lakachti lalev, kshekulam nishberu
Nihyeti chashud

Lo lakachti lalev, lo nishbarti nafshit
Mitoch hasibuch asiti hipuch,
Hidlakti ta’or hakatan hapnimi
Sheme’az vetamid ze ha’or hachashuv

Al tikchi lach lalev, et kol mi shema’ashim,
Ze she’amar lach ohev, ve’achar kach hik'chish
Al tikchi lach lalev et hayom hameunan, Hadma’ot lif’amim zormot me’atzman,

Ha’olam hato’e yamshich od lit’ot,
Et ma shekore rak hahistoria tishpot,
Tizkeri ech beLondon, beyom shel mu’aka, Tzachaknu mehamelech vehamalka

In ten years time, the sick world will probably freeze
It said so in the papers,
The remote control fell into the salad,
It was raining and I was walking slowly.

I saw a tree that fell down, but I didn’t take it to heart
In the field I flew after you, like a butterfly,
We were close, we were far away,
But for many days I didn’t take it to heart.

I didn’t take to heart this and that,
On a tough morning I started jogging
I didn’t take to heart when everybody fell apart
I became a suspect.

I didn’t break mentally,
I turned adversity into positive
I lit my small inner light,
that was always the important one.

Don’t take to heart those who blame you,
The one that said he loves you and then denied it
Don’t take to heart the cloudy day
The tears sometimes run on their own.

The world will keep on making mistakes,
What has happened will be judged only by history,
Remember, how in London, when we felt bad,
We laughed at the king and the queen.

LYRICS Shlomo Artzi
MUSIC Shlomo Artzi
SINGER Shlomo Artzi



The words to this song were transliterated and translated by
Chana Shuvaly of Shir Verikud, Melbourne, Australia.

To contact Chana click here
Additional assistance from Howard Wachtel of Philadelphia, USA

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