Ata kol yom shole'ach prachim umatanot
afilu t'ayareach ata muchan liknot
mavti'ach li pninim vetaba'at yahalom
vekol mah she'isha rak mesugelet lachalom.

Kulam yod'im alecha nashim metorfot
rak mimabat einecha yashar hen mitalfot
ach im ata choshev she'ehyeh shelcha pit'om
oy chamudi ta'ita ani omeret shalom.

Ken ani zocheret t'aleilot shebachiti
kamah shebahem hayah li kar bil'adecha
kol oto hazman she'avar kach ta'iti
ta'iti kol kach shechashavti alecha.

Az ata al tagid she'atah bi me'ohav
al techakeh li yoter stam leshave
mah shehayah beneinu nigmar me'achshav
lo kol mah shenotsets hu notsets hu zahav.

Achshav ata omer shetatchil lehishtanot
mavti'ach li dvarim, migdalim ve'armonot
nishba shebelibcha le'acheret ein makom
tagid atah choshev shenoladti shilshom?

Chashavta sheshachachti t'ayamim sheka'avti
kamah shehalev hayah atsuv bil'adecha
mimeni hitalamta kshe'otcha ahavti
lo tekabel od chance lo chozeret elecha.

Bishvili hayita hagever hamushlam
mabatcha oti shiga
meshaker verak metata
o! ilu az halev haya yode'a!

Az ata al tagid she'atah bi me'ohav...
You send flowers and gifts every day
you're even ready to buy the moon
you promise me pearls and a diamond ring
and all that's done is adapted to a dream.

Everyone knows about you, women go crazy
they faint from a glance from your eyes
but if you think that I'll suddenly be yours
Oh sweety you erred, I say goodbye!

Yes I remember the nights I cried
how cold it was then without you
all that time that passed I erred
I erred so much thinking about you.

So you don't say you're in love with me
don't wait for me any more for naught
what was between us is done now
not all that shines, shines of gold.

Now you say that you'll start to change
you promise me things, buildings, palaces
you swear that in your heart there's no room for another
tell me you think I was born day before yesterday?

You thought I forgot the days when I was hurting
how sad the heart was without you
you overlooked me when I loved you
you won't get a chance, I'm not returning to you.

To me you were the perfect man
a look from you drove me crazy
liar and just plain deceiver
oh! if only the heart knew then!

So you don't say you're in love with me...



Hebrew words

LYRICS Adam Levinson and Chaim Azulai
MUSIC Adam Levinson
SINGER Layla Malkous
CD Laila Malcos  Track 10
DANCE DEMONSTRATION VIDEO Demonstrated by Avi Peretz & Caroline Hoffbrand

Words transliterated & translated by George Jakubovits of Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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