Bashalechet etz omed levado baru'ach

Ein lo rega cham ve'en lo tzel

Lif'amim gam hu rotzeh lehargish batu'ach

Velo kmo perach shenovel


Velif'amim hazman bochen otanu

Mani'ach leraglenu michsholim

Ach lanu yesh et hakochot shelanu

Nar'e lo she'anachnu yecholim


Lir'ot et hake'ev ulehabit lo ba'enayim

Lehitzamed et hachayim chazak lo levater

Leha'amin bechol halev sheyihye od tov

Veshelamrot hakol anachnu nitgaber

Lir'ot et ...


Elokim ro'e hakol mashgi'ach milemala

Shelo ne'abed et hatikva

Vegam im lif'amim ko'ev tzarich lalechet hal'a

Ein davar hakol rak letova




Lir'ot et ......


Bashalechet etz omed levado baru'ach

Ein lo rega cahm ve'en lo tzel

A tree stands alone in autumn

No shade or a warm moment

Some times it wants to feel safe as well

Not like a flower that dies


And sometimes time tests us

It lays obstacles in from of us

But we have our strength

We will show it that we can


To see the pain and look it in the eye

To embrace life with all our strength and not give up

To believe with all our heart that it will get better

And despite of it all we will overcome
To see the pain....................


God sees everything and watches from above

That we will not lose hope

And even if it hurts sometimes, we need to move on.
It doesn't matter, it is all for the best.


And sometimes...


To see the ......


A tree stands alone in autumn

No shade or a warm moment


Hebrew words

Translator's note:
The dance is dedicated by Yom Tov Ochayon as a result of the tragic death of his four-year-old nephew, Aphik z"l, killed in a mortar attack in Israel in June 2004.
LYRICS Yosi Gispan
MUSIC Shmuel Albaz
SINGER Sarit Hadad
CD Yalda Shel Ahava   Track 8


DANCE VIDEO Demonstrated by Yom Tov Ochayon
DANCE INSTRUCTION VIDEO Hishtalmut Workshop No. 13 - R219 - Dec. 2002

Words transliterated and translated by Chana Shuvaly of Melbourne, Australia
with assistance from Howard Wachtel of Wilmington, Delaware, USA
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