Libavtini achoti kala
Libavtini ba'achat me'einayich
Ma yafu dodayich
Achoti kala
Verei'ach salmotayich kerei'ach Levanon

You captured my heart, my sister, my bride
You captured my heart with one of your eyes
How beautiful is your love(making),
My sister, my bride
And the aroma of your dresses is like the aroma of Lebanon

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WORDS Bible - Shir Hashirim (Song of Songs) 4: 9-11
MUSIC Moni Amarilio
SINGER The Parvarim
CD Parvarim 40th Anniversary, Vol. 1 - Disk 1, Track 14


DANCE VIDEO Demonstrated by Moshe Eskayo & Eileen Weinstock

Notes on transliteration and pronunciation:
Why it's Libavtini and not Livavtini
"Libavtini Achoti Kalah..." is definitely the correct form as used in Shir Hashirim.  

There is of course the form of levavi  
which is "hearty" in the sense of being connected with fondness,
heartfelt and even appears in Nofet tzufim B;6. 

However if appears as a verb it should be "libavtini"  - 
anything with "levav"  appears in a construct form as a noun and not as a verb."

Notes on Hebrew grammar by Associate Professor Ziva Shavitsky
The Israel Kipen Lectureship
Director The University of Melbourne Centre for Jewish History and Culture
Words transliterated by Aura Levin Lipski
with the assistance of Sam Lipski of Melbourne, Australia
From The Five Megilloth, The Soncino Books of the Bible
Published by the Soncino Press Limited 1980
Hebrew text and English translation and commentary. Page 15
Hebrew pdf and link research by Malka Tischler of New York, USA
This song listing inspired by Moshe Weiss of the Rikud chat list

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