Achrey kol kach harbei yamim
anachnu mitraglim ze lazo
Ume’abdim inyan umitrachakim
Veze kasha kol kach kashe kol kach lachzor

Veze yachol lihyot acheret
veze yachol lehishtanot
Tagidi li ma at omeret
ha’im nuchal kmo pa’am lihyot

Bo’i natchil me’hatchala
im kol haparparim babeten
Vechol harigushim balev
Kshelachasht she’at o’hevet
Kshe’amarti lach ani ohev

Tir’i otach tir’i oti
kmo shnayim she’ibdu tikva
Mi tzodek yoter mi yoter chazak
Ma ze chashuv bichlal im yesh kan ahava
Veze yachol lihyot acheret
kemo bapa’am harishona
Tagidi ma at omeret
hayesh sikuy lahava shekan hayta

Bo’i natchil…….

After so many days
we get used to each other
We lose interest and grow apart
And it is so hard to get close again

It could be different
it could change
Tell me what are you saying
Could we go back to what we used to be

Let’s start from the beginning
With all the butterflies in the stomach
With all the excitement in our hearts
When you whispered you love me
When I told you I love you

Look at you, look at me,
like two people without hope
Who is right, who is stronger
What does it matter at all, if there is love
It could be different,
like the first time
Tell me what are you saying
Is there a chance to the love that once was

Let’s start.............

LYRICS Uzi Chitman
MUSIC Uzi Chitman
SINGERS Li’or Narkis



The words to this song were transliterated and translated by
Chana Shuvaly of Shir Verikud, Melbourne, Australia.

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