Lechol echad yesh t'achat shelo,
shetisgor ito ma'agal,
Lechol achat yesh t'echad shela,
sheyavo veyipol bagoral,
Kemo beged laguf, kmo avir linshima,
Uvetoch hatefuf hem motz'im nechama.

Ve'at haneshama hametuka sheli,
hayechida shemadlika oti.
Ve'itach ani kol haolam,
ve'itach ani kol hayikum.
Biladayich ani chatzi ben adam,
biladayich ani be'etzem klum.

Lechol echad yesh t'chalom shelo,
shenidmeh vehu karev.
Lechol achat yesh t'chalom shela,
sheyavo veyas'ir et halev.
Kemo mayim latzameh,
velayeush - hatikva.
Uveyam shel krirut
yesh lahem ahava.

Ve'at haneshama……..

Every man has a woman
who will close the circle with him.
Every woman has a man
who is destined for her.
Like cloth for the body, like air for breathing,
And among the madness they find comfort.

And you are my sweet soul,
the only one to set me on fire.
With you I am the whole world,
with you I am the universe.
Without you I am half a human being,
without you I am really nothing.

Every man has his dream,
that looks like it's coming true,
Every woman has her dream,
that he will come and storm her heart.
Like water to the thirsty,
like hope for despair.
And among the coldness of the sea,
they have love.

And you are my sweet soul,


Hebrew words

LYRICS Shlomi Shabat
MUSIC Uzi Chitman
SINGERS Shlomi Shabat & Lior Narkis
CD Friends  Track 3


DANCE DEMONSTRATION VIDEO Demonstrated by Levi Bargil
Words transliterated and translated by Chana Shuvaly of Melbourne, Australia.
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