Tni li ahava pshuta karuach
Tni li ahava zaka kmo yam
Haketzev meshagea ze batuach
Haketzev meshagea et kulam
Mipney shehaolam shachach lismoach
Mipney shehaolam meat atzuv
Nire li sheleaf echad ein koach
Meuma lo nira hayom chashuv

Lamdi oti lismoach
lamdi oti lirkod
Lashir ad klot hakoach
lismoach od vaod
Lamdi oti lismoach
ad gvul hahigayon
Ani rotze lifroach
lismoach bli cheshbon

'Hevel havalim' amar Kohelet
Ein chadash asher isho yisov
Bemabatech at shuv shoelet
Umabatech hu od karov

Az lamdi oti…….

Give me love simple as the wind
Give me love clear as the sea
The rhythm makes every body crazy
Because the world forgot to be happy
Because the world is a bit sad
Looks to me no one has any more strength
Nothing is important these days.

Teach me to be happy
teach me how to dance
To sing until I can't any more
and be happy all the time
Teach me to be happy
beyond the point of logic
I would like to bloom
and be happy with no limits

'All is vanity' said Ecclesiastes
Nothing is new to make the head spin
With your gaze you are asking me again
And your gaze is still near.


LYRICS Nisan Fridman
MUSIC Shlomi Shabat
SINGER Shlomi Shabat & Pini Chadad



The words to this song were transliterated and translated by

Chana Shuvaly of Shir Verikud, Melbourne, Australia.

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