Lama li magia kacha?

Ma asiti?

Ma kvar bikashti le'atzmi?

Shemesh lo bikashti shetishtachaveh li.

Lo, lo bikashti li harbei.

Lo, lo bikashti li et ha yarei'ach.

Af lo bikashti aruchah chamah.

Bikashti rak chiyuch katan samei'ach

Ach hi pantah mimeni, hit'almah!


Ma lama ma?

Li at kach osah?

Ma lama ma

At lo onah.

Ma ve'al mah

At alai ko'eset?

Ma lama ma, ma karah?


Lamah misaviv hakol nir'eh ragua

Rak beveiti hakol homeh?

Eich ani tamid nofel mibli lada'at

Velo ro'eh mah sheyihiyeh?

"Al ta'aseh tov, lo tir'eh rah"

Amar li pa'am ish chacham

Lo, lo zacharti mah amar,

asiti tov.

Ka'eit ani betza'ar u'machov!

Why do I deserve this?

What did I do?

What did I ask for myself?

I didn't ask the sun to bow down to me.

No, I didn't ask for much.

No, I didn't ask for the moon.

I didn't even ask for a hot meal.

I only asked for a small, happy smile

But she turned away from me, ignored me!


What? Why? What?

Why do you do this to me?

What? Why? What?

You don't answer.

Why, and about what, are you angry

with me?

What? Why? What? What happened?


Why does everything around me seem calm,
While in my home everything is stirring?

How is it I always stumble without knowing,

And don't see what's coming?

"If you don't do good, you won't see evil,"

A wise man once told me.

No, I didn't remember what he said,

I did good.

Now I am in sorrow and agony!




Avihu Medina


Avihu Medina

SINGER Avihu Medina

Ani Nishba Lach / I Swear To You   Track 11

DANCE CHOREOGRAPHER Shmulik Gov Ari   1998

Translation Laura Harari for Hagigah 1999
with assistance from Malka Tischler of New York, USA

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