Chalamt al ahava, chalamt al bayit
Chalamt at mishpacha v'chom
Ach yad ra a higi a al sfatayich
Uvli milim gad a et hachalom.

Mal ach im merachef, hu lo hofi'a
Et kol hametzuka hu lo shama
V'lo hayta sham yad asher toshi'a
Kshe at tzalalt lishchor shel had'mama.

<Chorus, twice>
Ladma'ot shelach yesh peh
V'hen rotzot litz ok
Ladma'ot shelach yesh peh
Hen lo rotzot lishtok
Az sapri, sapri hakol
Al tishmeri balev
Ki hadma'ot ha'atzorot
Marot mikol ke'ev.

At yechola lihyot yafa umefursemet
O'na'ara im jins vetaltalim
O rak yalda she et eineha lo otzemet
Ki baleilot chozrim shuv hatzlalim.

Ani kan leyadech, gozal patzu'a,
Et ma shelo tomri ani eshma,
Ani itach tso'eket vedoreshet
Et elbonech v'et hanekama.

<Chorus, three times>
Ladma'ot yesh peh ...

You dreamt of love, you dreamt of a home
You dreamt of family and warmth
But an evil hand reached your lips
And without a word, destroyed the dream.

An angel, hovering above, did not appear
He did not hear your distress
And there was no helping hand
When you sank into the silent darkness.

<Chorus, twice>
Your tears have a voice,
and they want to shout
Your tears have a voice,
and they don't want to keep quiet
So tell, tell everything,
don't keep it inside your heart
For the accumulated tears
are bitter from all the pain.

You can be beautiful and famous
Or a young lady in jeans and curls
Or just a girl who doesn't shut her eyes
For at night the dark shadows return again.

I am here by your side, injured young one
I will hear even what you don't say
I scream together with you, and demand
an explanation for the insult and the vengeance.

<Chorus, three times>
Your tears have ....

*(Literally, "tears have a mouth")

Hebrew words

LYRICS Smadar Shir
MUSIC Moshe Datz
SINGER Sarit Hadad
CD Like Cinderela   Track 6

Levy Bar Gil  2000


Transliteration and translation by Howard Wachtel of Wilmington, Delaware, USA
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