Al kotel hamizrach ezov yarok vetachav
Veruach elohim mikedem shama nacha
Haoren komato al har vaemek shacha
Ba'agan hayam nigun chalil.

Al kotel hamizrach shirey roim meofek
Uvashvakim ey sham rochesh poem hadofek.
Vetzuf sham vechela venofet vetinofet
Ba'agan hayam salat chatzil.

Umashehu amok balev omer li kach o kach
Tirtze o lo tirtze shelcha la'ad hu kotel hamizrach.

Al kotel hamizrach magen david lefele
Veal arvot bachutz taluy kinor hamelech,
Kochav ulevana utzlav al pney hapelech
Ba'agan hayam haruach tas.

Al kotel hamizrach avak afor ufiach
Hasha'ar yisager manul vegam bariach
Sham komer vechazan umuazin al tzriach
Ba'agan hayam sirat mifras.

On the eastern wall there is green moss and dampness,
And the spirit of God swells there,
The Pine tree looks over the mountain and valley
And at the basin of the sea- a flute's melody.

You can hear the songs of the shepherd,
In the markets the pulse beats,
You can find there honeydew, nectar, dirt and filth,
In the basin of the sea- eggplant salad.

Something deep in the heart says: doesn't matter what happens,
The Eastern Wall is yours forever.

On the Eastern Wall the Star of David,
And his violin hangs on the willows.
A star, a moon and a cross,
In the basin of the sea the wind flies.

The Eastern Wall is covered with Grey dust and soot,
The gate will be closed with locks  and bar.
You will find a Priest, a Rabbi and a Muezzin on the tower
In the basin of the sea a boat sails.


CD Daklon: Traditional Songs Part 3   Track 5

Words transliterated and translated by Chana Shuvaly of Melbourne, Australia.
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