Kol od hayareach kam umitamle kol boker,
Kol od boker min hayam,
mas'ir et reotai,
Kol od tzelem ha'adam
mavchin bein chol lekodesh,
Kol os hachalom hatam poked et leilotai.

Lo tipol ruchi, lo utash kochi,
Kol od ad machar yisher, layla echad lo yoter.
Ze ulai tamim, ach tamid asim,
et chayai bishtey yadayim,
al knaf hatikva.

Kol od choresh melavlev
berishrushey tzameret,
Kol od ofek mehavhev, beketzev rakotai,
Kol od bechibuk ohev, chidat chayai nifteret,
Kol od esh chadrey halev tiv'ar beatzmotai.

Lo tipol……

As long as the moon gets up and is full each month,
As long as a morning that comes from the sea,
storms my lungs.
As long as man
distinguishes between holyday and weekday,
As long as I dream the innocent dream at night.

I will not feel down, my strength will not end,
As long as it stays until tomorrow, only for one night, no more.
May be it is naïve, but I will always put
my life in two hands,
on the wing of hope.

As long as the grove will bloom
with the rustle of the top trees,
As long as the horizon, is flashing to the rhythm of my temples.
As long as with a loving hug, the riddle of my life is answered,
As long as fire from rooms of my heart, will burn in my bones.



LYRICS Boaz Sharabi
MUSIC Boaz Sharabi
SINGER Boaz Sharabi



Words transliterated and translated by Chana Shuvaly of Melbourne, Australia.
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