At ro'a li ba'enayim,
medaberet bishtika
Memalet et pich bemayim,
legima aruka

At yoda'at shepaga'at bi,
shehayit elai kara
Veyoda'at shesalachti,
kmo hayta li brera

Veyesh makom lemachshava,
ani mevin she'at ro'a acheret

Veyesh makom leahava,
ani ro'e otach iti nish'eret

Ani yode'a kama at yoda'at,
tamid oto chalom
Tamid lachzor lamtzi'ut,
ani yode'a kama at yoda'at

Tamid oto chalom,
tamid ota ha'ahava

Mechapeset et hasedek,
lehashchil et hamila

Im ha'etzba al ha'hedek,
venish'ala hashe'ela

Ani matza'ati bach gan eden ,
ani higshamti lach chalom
Aval hakol alul berega,
lehithapech legehinom

Veyesh makom leshe'elot,
ani muchan lihyot itach patu'ach
Veyesh makom gam letikvot,
ani rotze la'uf itach baru'ach

Ani yode'a kama .....

Veyesh makom...

Ani yode'a kama .....

You see it in my eyes,
you talk in silence
You feel your mouth with water,
a long sip

You know you hurt me,
you were cold toward me
And you know I forgave you,
I didn't have another choice

There is a place for another thought;
I understand you see it differently

And there is space for love;
I can see you are staying with me

I know how much you know,
always the same dream
Always coming back to reality,
I know how much you know,

always the same dream
Always the same love

You look for the crack,
to thread a word into it

If the finger is on the trigger,
and the question was asked

I found paradise in you,
I have fulfilled a dream in you
But in a minute,
every thing can turn to hell

There is a place for questioning;
I am willing to be open with you
There is a place for hopes as well,
I want to fly with you in the wind  

I know how much you know.....

There is a place......

I know how much you know.....


LYRICS Michael Vaknin
MUSIC Shimon Buskila
SINGER Shimon Buskila
CD Mehapes Haver Karov   Track 6
From the Mooma website


Words transliterated and translated by Chana Shuvaly of Melbourne, Australia.

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