Ken amra lo
Lo amra lo
Hi ratzta et ma she'en
Lu amra lo
Lu ramza lo
Shetzarich lehitchaten
Im rotzim velo matzliach
Im ratzim youter midai
Lif'amim lo ba hanes
Vechoshvim sheba mashiach
Veha'esek mitmasmes
Mi achrey hakol yarviach
Mi mishnenu yefasfes

Lu amra ken
Lu amra ten
Velakcha et ma sheyesh
Kshe'amra lo
Ksheramza lo
Et yada hu lo bikesh

Im rotzim...

She said yes to him
She said no to him
She wanted what he didn't have
If she would have told him
If she would have hinted
That they need to marry
If you want but can't
If you run too fast
Some times there is no miracle
And you think the Mesiah is here
And every thing melts away
Who will benefit
Who will miss out

If she would have said yes
If she would have said give me
And took all that was there
When she told him
When she hinted to him
He didn't ask for her hand




LYRICS Chamutal Ben Zeev
MUSIC Aris San
SINGER Duo Datz - Orna & Moshe Datz
CD Best of Duo Datz Ha'Osef  Track 11



Words transliterated and translated by
Chana Shuvaly of Shir Verikud, Melbourne, Australia.

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