Ita ani mitragesh ve'ohev

Hi yoda'at ma yesh li balev

Mevina oti, margisha oti

Bishvila ani shar vekotev


Ahava she'otefet bechom

Mashlima oti layla veyom

Ita ani acher, me'ushar yoter

Elohim sheze lo yigamer


Heya Heya

Ein ma ledaber

Heya Heya

Mi tzarich yoter

Heya Heya

Elohim shomer, sheze lo yigamer


Bilade'ah ani lo ani

Hi tamid hachatzi hasheni

Rak ita shalem, letzida noshem

Elohim sheze lo yigamer


Ahava she'otefet....


Heya Heya................

With her I get excited and loving

She knows what is in my heart

She understands me, she feels me

I write and sing for her


A love that wraps in warmth

Completes me day and night

With her I am different, happier

God, don't let it end


Heya Heya

There is nothing to say

Heya Heya

Who needs more

Heya Heya

God guards it from ending


Without her I am not my self

She is always the other half

Only with her am I whole, I breath next to her

God, don't let it end

A love that wraps in warmth.............

Heya Heya.................


Hebrew words

LYRICS Yosi Ben David
MUSIC Shimon Bouskila
SINGER Yossi Azulay
CD Yossi Azulay  Track 3


DANCE VIDEO Dance demonstrated by Rafi Ziv

Words transliterated and translated by Chana Shuvaly of Melbourne, Australia.
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