Hatmunot sheba'albom yaldut shelo nigmeret
Ata haben ani ha'av ve'ima shuv do'eget

Etmol kibalnu od michtav
etzlecha hakol beseder

Lo siparta al hakrav - rak al kol hayeter

Uchsheh tetzeh le'od Shabbat
nechake bafetach

Ima lichvodcah bishla
nashke otcha kmo perach

Gam negahetz lechah madim;
ani zocher ma shehivtachta

Yishmor alecha Elohim - rak chazor habayta.

Tmuna shelcha begil shana
im savta mechayechet

Ushtey tmunot shel gil mitzva
ve'ech gadal haneched

Tmuna acheret al madim
im haroveh bayad

Tamid hivtachti shetigdal
lo tilachem be'af echad.


The photos in the album - a never ending childhood
 You are the son I am the father, Mum still worries.

Yesterday we got another letter,
all is well with you

You didn't tell us about the battle but about other things.

When you come on leave for another Shabbat
we will wait in the doorway
Mum cooked for you,
we will water you like a flower,

We will iron your uniform;
I remember what you promised me

God will look after you just come back home.

 A photo of you as a one-year-old
with grandma smiling

Two photos from your Bar Mitzva,
you have grown so much

Another photo in your uniform
with the rifle in your hand

I always promised you that when you grow up you would not have to fight again

When you come on leave..............

Reader's note:
This is a song about the son of songwriter Ze'ev Nechama,
upon his entry into army service at age 18 which is compulsory in Israel.

When his son was born Ze'ev promised him he would not have to fight
(in the hope that peace would be in place by the time the boy was 18).

The father is disappointed that his son did indeed have to go to the army
and that he did not finish his childhood.
Thanks to Jennifer Mendelsohn of Toronto Canada

SINGER Chaim Moshe
LYRICS Zeev Nechama
MUSIC Zeev Nechama / Tamir Kaliski
CD - Listen to track samples Hatmunot Shebe'albom 1998
Track 3
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The words to this song were transliterated and translated by
Chana Shuvaly of Shir Verikud, Melbourne, Australia.

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