Chamishah gmalim kpulei dabeshet
Bidmamah pos'im, nosim al gaveihem
Asarah turkim kibdei areshet
Vecharavot shlufot borkot beyadeihem

Orchah posa'at
Et mi meviah at
Achshav el beito shel hasultan
Cholot yare'ach
Midbar mistare'a
Verak bamirchak bocheh hatan

Bo'i ya ruach, bo'i ya ruach,
ki sheraz koret lach
El haruach, el haruach sharah ispahan
Bo'i bo'i
mi asher yashve lecha
ana tse'i vetimtse'i
at shoshanat shushan
ana tse'i vetimtse'i et b'cheiah sheyitchanan

Kol piruchei shiraz kamlu be etzev
Ve avel gam hayarid b'ispahan
Ki ish lo ra'ah ad redet erev
Et hanesichah et shoshanat shushan
Badim atafuah
Torkim chatafuah
Le an ne elmah esh lo yeda
Orchah posa at
Et mi meviah at
ted'a rak haruach levadah

Az min hamizrach ani hof'ati
veyatzati bemeof uvemchol
al d'vashot gmalim ani tofafti
vesachrarti amudim gvohim she chol
orchah posa'at
olah veshoka'at
olah veshoka'at ad tsoar
ki ein miflat od
ki ish lo nimlat od
mimeni - meruach hamidbar

Hine haru'ach, hine haru'ach,
kol shiraz mo'eret
bo'i bo'i hineh hi chozeret
bo'i bo'i hineh hi chozeret
Al knaf ruach
Hen tanuach shoshanat shushan
Five camels, double humps
in silence they walk, carrying on their backs
ten Turks with serious expressions
and shiny swords are drawn in their hands.

The caravan is treading,
who is it bringing
now to the place of the Sultan
sands, moon
the desert spread out
just in the distance the jackal is crying out.

Come oh you wind, come oh you wind,
for the Sheraz calls you to the wind
the Ispahan sings to the wind.
Come, Come
who will be worthy of you,
please come out and find
the rose of Shushan.
Please come out and find the begging weep.

All the flowers of Sheraz wilt in sorrow,
and grief also struck Ispahan.
For a man did not see more descent of evening
of the Princess, of the rose of Shushan.
Wrapped in linen,
Torkim chatafuah
where she disappeared to, no one knows
the caravan is treading,
who is it bringing
only the wind alone knows.

As from the East I appeared,
and came out in flight and dance
on the humps of camels I tripped
and whirled around on tall sand dunes
The caravan is treading,
goes up, quietly
goes up, quietly until Tsoar
for there isn't any more refuge
for a man flees no more,
from me - the wind of the desert.

Here's the wind, here's the wind,
the whole Sheraz is illuminated.
To the wind, to the wind the Ispahan sings.
Come, Come, here she returns,
on the wing of the wind.
on top of the rose of Shushan.



Hebrew words

LYRICS Eli Mohar
MUSIC Yehudah Poliker
SINGER Sarit Hadad
CD HaHofa'ah BeHeychal HaTarbut (Show 1999)   Disc 2 Track 18



Transliteration by Erik Alberts of Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Translation by George Jakubovits of Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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