Zo ota hamangina

Min haboker harishon
Zo ota hamangina
Me'az ve'ad yomi ha'acharon
Eretz veshamayim yom velayla sovevim
Shemesh veyare'ach vechol tzva hakochavim
Kom ma shenitzat be'enehem shel ohavim
Zehav hasavyonim vehasgula barakafot
Tzel atzey ha'oren veivshat hatzaftzafot
Shir al nachlieli vetisat ha'anafot

Shuv chalfa od shana od shana od shana
Vetamid zo ota mangina yeshana
Ach kol pa'am od pa'am hi kmo ahava rishona

Zo ota hamangina min haboker harishon
Zp ota hamangina me'az ve'ad yomi ha'acharon
Etzev vesimcha yamim ra'im yamim tovim
Bchi utzchok paru'a chalomot uche'evim
Kom ma shenishbar betoch libal shel ohavim
Bayit al haderech or dolek bachalono
Daf chadash me'ever lakra'im lekishlonot
Pachad vetikva kol aneney hazichronot
Kol ha'onot

Shuv chalfa.....

It is the same melody
from the first morning

It is the same melody
from that time until the day I die

Earth and sky go around day and night
The sun the moon and the army of stars
Every thing you see lit in lovers eyes
Flowers in gold and purple
The shade of the pine trees and the humming of the poplar trees
A song about a wagtail and the flight of the herons

Another year has passed, and another and another
And it is the same old melody
But every time it is like first love

It is the same melody from the first morning
It is the same melody from that time until the day I die
Sadness, happiness, bad days and good ones
Cry, wild laughter, dreams and pain
All that is broken in lovers hearts
A house on the road, light in it's window
A new page beyond the splits, the failures
Fear and hope, all the memories, in every season.



The words to this song were transliterated and translated by

Chana Shuvaly of Shir Verikud, Melbourne, Australia.

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