Hu kanah otam bezol

Hen hayiu m'le'ot be chol

Hu nikah otam bespirt kol sha'atayim.

Ehechil otan marak,

Kshe hikiu hu shatak

Hu lakach otan leseret kol yomayim.


Aval yom echad hu kam

Adayin menumnam,

Chipes t'amagafayim ba'aron.

Ubamakom she hen ayiu

Rak garbayim nisharu

Shesipru lo et hakol behigayion: she…


Na'alayim konim maher

Vegarbayim lo chaser

Ach magafayim umichnasayim

She tamid konim complet

Kasheh meod le'asig otam ka'et


(nagni, nagni, gitara…)


ledarko yatza yachef

metzunan vegam ayief

vekulo muda' leomek atzarah

kshe sha'al over vashav

im ra'a et magafav

rak mitoch nimus ashmit et hatshuvah.


Baruch tar bakfar, ba'ir

Bematzav me'od shavir

Hadepressia bemocho hishtolelah

Kshe pana, chasar onim, lemador chipus krovim,

Hitragez alav pakid hakabalah, ki…




Ve hineh, liyad chavah

Sham milah ‘t-hamemiah,

Hu gilah ikvot she lo ne'esu mizman

U pit'om bein hasichim

Hu shama sham lichshushim

Bezro'ot bachur acher ra'ah otan


Lo yadah hu ma la'asot

Im litzchok o rak lifkot

Ma she lo ihyieh, otzi et hamitpachat

Et ha-hu latzad lakach

veshalaf et ha-ekdach

She yarah alav kadur echad batachat. Ki…




Az ha-hu amar: “slicha!”,

Kipel et hasmicha

Vehalach habaita bli la'asot chochmot

Ume'az ve'ad hayom

Gam bageshem, gam bachom

Hen tfurot yashar etzlo la-atzamot. Ki…




Veim ata lo ma'amin

Tishal et Baruch

He bought them very cheaply
They were full of sand
He cleaned them with turps every two hours.
He fed them soup

when they threw up, he kept quiet
He took them to the movies every two days.

But one day he got up
still sleepy
Looked for the boots in the cupboard.
And in the place they should have been
only socks remained
and they told him what had happened......that -

Shoes - are bought quickly
And socks are plentiful
But boots and pants
that are bought as a set
are very difficult to obtain at the moment.

(play, play guitar)

On his way he went, barefoot,
sniffly and tired
all of him deeply depressed.
When he asked a passersby
if he's seen his boots
only politeness forced him to reply.

Baruch travelled from village to city
In a very shattered mood.
The depression in his mind went crazy
When he turned to the 'office of missing relatives'
the clerk got really mad at him.


And here, near a farm
he filled his water-bottle
and saw footprints made recently
And suddenly between the bushes
he heard whisperings
he saw them - in the arms of another man.

He didn't know what to do
whether to laugh or cry
nevertheless, he took out his handkerchief.
He took the guy to the side
pulled out his revolver
and fired a bullet into his bottom. Because.....


So the other guy said: "Sorry"
folded the blanket
and went home without making trouble
And from then until today
whether in rain or heat
they are sewed on to his bones. Because....


And if you don't believe this story
Ask Baruch.



Hebrew words


D. Sanderson/ M. Zilberman/ A. Olearcik


D. Sanderson

SINGER Kaveret
CD Sipurei Poogy - Tales of Poogy   Track 11


Transliteration by Daniel Shalev of Rishon le Zion, Israel
Translation by Aura Levin Lipski of Melbourne Australia
Singable Italian translation by Daniel Shalev of Rishon le Zion, Israel
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Singable Italian translation


A buon prezzo comperati,

eran tutti infangati,

li pulì, come faceva la mammà.

Ogni tanto un buon brodino,

si rimisero un pochino,

poi tre volte a settimana al cinemà.


Ma un mattino, appena alzato,

lui si mise, assonnato,

a cercare gli stivali nel cassetto.

Dove c'erano i piccini

son rimasti i pedalini,

che gli spiegano la logica del ratto:


Scarponi e ghette tu troverai,

e le calzette non mancan mai,

ma gli stivali ed i calzoni,

che si compran sempre in set,

se l'hai trovati, te li tieni strett!


Scalzo e rosso per lo smacco

Se ne uscì, confuso e stracco

e cosciente del valore della posta.

Quando chiese a sconosciuti

se li avevano veduti,

figuratevi da soli la risposta.


Gli stivali Benedetto

cercò in ogni angoletto,

non trovandoli, era proprio disperato

quando fece al fin ricorso

all' “Ufficio dei dispersi”,

là lo prese a parolacce l'impiegato.




Poi, accanto a una casaccia,

riempiendo la borraccia,

vide orme conosciute, fatte adesso.

D'improvviso, tra i cespugli,

lui sentì certi bisbigli

e li vide tra le braccia di quel desso.


Non sapeva cosa fare,

se sorridere o frignare,

ma comunque il fazzoletto prese in mano,

poi estrasse la pistola,

gli sparò una volta sola

e lo prese proprio dritto al deretano.




Chiese scusa il rapitore,

sopraffatto dal dolore,

con la coda tra le gambe se la dette.

Ma, per esser più sicuro

di non perderli in futuro,

gli stivali li ha cuciti sulle fette.




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