Shuv hechmatzti hizdamnut le'hotzi ktzat regesh
Ulai esa lechatuna shel eze chaver
Shuv arazti mizvada ki be'oto ha'erev
Shuv tafasti ga'agu'im, lema? Ani lo zocher  

Lirkod hitza'ati lach sham leyad hadelet
Hamerchak tamid yotzer choser vada'ut ulai
Gvarim venashim meramim ze et ze ba'erev
Hityashavti lesaper lach al kol ga'agu'ai

Ga'agu'ai lihyot kmo sade patu'ach
Ga'agu'ai lehorai leyamim acherim
Ga'agu'ai lemchoniyot shenos'ot baru'ach
Ladira sheba chayai hitchilu tze'irim

Ga'agu'ai lateruf, lerig'ey ahtza'ar
Ga'agu'ai liyladai ga'agu'ai lemega'ech
Ananim rotzim la'uf ve'ata nish'ar
Negi'a ktana bametzach osa leach lehit'a'hev

Shuv hechmatzti hizdamnut le'hotzi ktzat regesh
Shuv avarti barechov shebo noldu chayai
Shuv nichnasti lechanut shemochrim ba devek
Mi yadbik oti lechof ga'agu'ai  


Again, I have missed an opportunity to release some emotion
May I will go to a friend's wedding
Again I have packed a suit case, because that night
I felt longings, I can't remember 

I have offered you to dance, there, next to the door
Distance always creates unknowingness, may be
Women and men always cheat each other in the evening
I sat down to tell you about all my longing  

My longing to be like an open field
My longing to my parents, to different days
My longing to the cars that drive in the wind
To the apartment my life start young

My longing to the madness, to the sorrow moments
My longing to my kids, my longing to your touch
Clouds want to fly away, and you stay here
A small touch on your forehead makes you fall in love  

Again, I have missed an opportunity to release some emotion
Again I passed through the street where my life began
Again I walked into a shop where they sell glue
Who will glue me back to my longing's shore

My longing.................


LYRICS Shlomo Artzi
MUSIC Shlomo Artzi
SINGER Shlomo Artzi
CD Tzima'on - Thirst   Track 9


Words transliterated and translated by Chana Shuvaly of Melbourne, Australia.

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