Hey Morena bechayaich mevakesh ani elayich
Tni li hizdamnut chozeret od achat ki ein acheret
Az hayta li hachlaka ktantonet
Az asiti hafsaka pitzponet
Ze haya mizman velo yashuv od
Ze kara velo chashuv od

Hey Morena tislechi li, hey Morena at chaki li
Bechayayich lo yachol od biladayich
Hey Morena shtey enayich, hey Morena siftotayich
Rak elayich le'echoz bishtey yadayich

Eze kef Morena shehaya besof hakayitz
Eze kef Morena shehaya etzlech babayit
Lo eshkach Morena ech naganu bashamayim
Eze kef Morena shehayinu az beshnayim
Al telchi lo, lo kdai lach, tislechi li
Bechayayich ra elayich mevakesh ani elayich

Hey Morena, please, I am asking to go back to you
Give me another chance, no more than one
So I had a little glitch so I took a tiny time off
It was a long time ago and will never happen again
It happened, it is not important any more

Hey Morena forgive me, please wait for me
I swear I can't without you any more
Hey Morena, your two eys
Hey Morena, your lips
Only back to you, to hold your hand

Hey Morena, what good fun we had at the end of the summer
Hey Morena, what good fun we had at your place
I will not forget, Morena, how we touched the skys
What fun it was, only the two of us
Don't go away from me, it is not worth while for you,
Forgive me, please, I only want to go back to you

LYRICS Dudu Barak
MUSIC Sanjan Der Flavio & Furero
SINGERS Dudu Barak & Doron Mazar


The words to this song were transliterated and translated by
Chana Shuvaly of Shir Verikud, Melbourne, Australia.

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