Haya yom nehedar
esrim ve'arba be' October
yom bahir shtuf shemesh (yesh)
Hayinu bney shloshim vekama vechodesh
regishim kmo stey adashot
Chamim al haradio,
lo avarnu kim'at yom
bli lishmo'a im ha'aretz nilchemet
Hayu lanu az rak, rak esrim ve'arba sha'ot

Ma osim be'esrim ve'arba sha'ot sha'alnu
ksheyashavnu bachoshech
Ma osim mehasesim ma osim metosim
kshe'en lahem efo linchot
Yesh yamim ka'ele, amart li,
she'ani atzuva itcha
merov osher
Yes yamim, amarit lach,she'esh lanu
rak esrim ve'arba sha'ot

Kshe'ata kam umityashev
ze siman she'en yecholet hachlata,
Kshe'ani makshiv leshirey halev
ze siman shechasera li ahava itach
Ha'olam mitchalek letovim vera'im
bney adam kayadu'a
mechapsim po et atzmam
Verak esrim ve'arba sha'ot,
esrim ve'arba sha'ot yesh,
vechaval al hazman

Haya yom nehedar male chom uvasar
hishtazafnu bashemesh
Hevet li davar lakacht et hash'ar
La'asnu bazukot kol oto hayom
ad chatzot
Hafachti shulchan merov atzabim
kshechashavti she'at mizdayenet
Ma yesh lach, ma yesh lach , anit
Rak esrim ve'arba sha'ot

Kshe'ata kam umityashev…..

Haya yom nehedar,
esrim ve'arba be'October,
tzror hamaftechot nafal li
Heramt oto bishvili,
kacha osim yechasim,
bein anashim, nashim vede'ot
Gam im evke ad machar, amart, be'ikar
Betach betach lo, lo, lo, lo yukal li
Amarti lach hanetzach nimshac,
rak esrim ve'arba sha'ot

It was a great day,
the 24th of October,
a bright sunny day
We were thirty years old, and a month,
sensitive like two lenses
Addicted to the radio,
not even one day passed,
that we listened to see if the country is fighting
We had only 24 hours then

What do you do in 24 hours we asked
when we were sitting in the dark
What do people that hesitate, what do planes do
when they have no place to land
You told me there are days
you are sad being with me,
because you are so happy
I told you there are days that we have
only 24 hours.

When you get up and sit down
it means you can not decide -
you told me
When I listen to songs that touch the heart
it means I lack love with you
The world includes good and bad,
it is known people
are searching for who they are
And there are only 24 hours
There are only 24 hours
And it's a shame on the waste of time.

It was a beautiful day full of heat and flesh,
we sun baked
You brought me one thing and took the rest
We chewed chewing gum
until midnight
I turn the table with anger
when I thought you were sleeping around
What's with you? You answered:
Just 24 hours

It was a beautiful day,
the 24th of October,
I dropped my keys
You picked it up for me;
this is how you develop relationships
with men women and opinions
You told me that even if I cry until tomorrow,
I will not feel better
I told you the eternity lasts
only 24 hours

LYRICS Shlomo Artzi
MUSIC Shlomo Artzi
SINGER Shlomo Artzi
CD Tsima'on - Thirst   Track 10



The words to this song were transliterated and translated by
Chana Shuvaly of Shir Verikud, Melbourne, Australia.

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