Sham harchek baya'ar alon atik
nitzav ulyado badeshe haprtizan shachav
Vehu shachav bli no'a shuv eino nirdam
taltaley zahav lo ru'ach tefazrem

Sham harchek babayit ima homiya
bidma'ot shel tza'ar locheshet umlala
Otcha beni gidalti shamarti mikol ra
ach kadur oferet becha beni paga

Hayo hayta li isha eshet chayil
barcha mimeni bidmi halayil
Lakcha ita et beni hakatan
et beni machmadi Yehonatan

Mi pilel pilel umi milel milel
shekazot ikreni la'azazel

Far away in the forest stands an old oak tree
In the grass underneath lies the Partisan
He lies without moving will never falls asleep again
The wind will mess his golden curls

Far away at home mum is crying
With tears of sorrow she whispers in misery
I have raised you my son and guarded you from all evil
But a bullet got you my son

I had a woman of valour
who ran away from me in the middle of the night
She took my little son with her
my sweet boy Jonathan

Damn who could predict
that some thing like that will happen to me


Hebrew words

LYRICS Avihu Medina
MUSIC Avihu Medina
SINGER Avihu Medina
CD I Swear To You   Track 5
DANCE CHOREOGRAPHER Avi Perez & Victor Gabay  1999


Words transliterated and translated by Chana Shuvaly of Melbourne, Australia.
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