Eretz eretz eretz, eretz tchol en av

Vehashemesh la kidvash vechalav.
Eretz ba noladnu, eretz ba nichye
Veneshev ba yihe ma shyihe.

Eretz shenohav hi lanu em va'av
Eretz shel ha'am, eretz leolam
Eretz ba noladnu eretz ba nichye
Yihe ma sheyihe.

Eretz eretz eretz yam el  mul hachof
Ufrachim viyladim bli sof.
Batzafon Kineret badarom cholot
Umizrach lema'arav noshek gvulot.

Eretz ba.........

A land - light blue sky without a cloud
And the sun is like milk and honey.
A country we were born in and live in,
And we will continue living here no matter what happens.

A country we love, like our mum and dad,
A people's country for ever,
A country we were born in and live in,
no matter what happens.

A country with sea and shores,
A lot of flowers and children,
In the North the Sea of Galilee
In the South sands
And the East border kisses the West border.

Composer Shaike Paikov
Singer Ilanit
Dance Choreographer Yankele Levy  1974
Dance Format Circle


The words to this song were transliterated and translated by
Chana Shuvaly of Shir Verikud, Melbourne, Australia.

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