Kmo tzipor me’al anan shehitayfa
Kmo sfina belev hayam shenitrefa
Eich ata omer li sheze nigmar
Eich ata omer sheze avar

Ze hageshem sheyored la’adama
Kmo hasheket shemetzif et hadmama
Be’od shniyot tered hachashecha
Ve’az emtza otach ve’at bocha

Elech itcha/itach ad sof kol hayamim
Rotza/rotze otcha/otach im kol hashinuyim
Erkod itcha/itach ad klot haneshima
Ohav otcha/otach im kol haneshama

Kmo hatzchok shelif’amim tofes otach
Ne’elam veze pit’om otzer otach
Az kchi lach od tfila achat ktana
Ki at hamatana hachi yafa


Like a bird flying above a cloud who got tired
Like a ship at sea that was lost
How can you tell me it is finished
How can you say it is over

It is the rain that falls on the ground
Like the quite that floods the silence
In a few minutes it will be dark
I will find you crying

I will walk with you until the end of days
I want you with all the changes
I will dance with you until I can’t breath any more
I will love you with all my soul

Like laughter that catches you some times
Disappears and stops
So take another small prayer
You are the most beautiful present

I will walk with you..............

LYRICS Ch. Gross and Tz. Zakai
MUSIC Ch. Gross and Tz. Zakai
SINGERS Aviva Avidan and Moshe Shmueli
DANCE CHOREOGRAPHER Yaron Ben Simchon  2002



The words to this song were transliterated and translated by
Chana Shuvaly of Shir Verikud, Melbourne, Australia.

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