Einaich hachumot -
hamazkirot li et hachalomot,
al otam yamim yafim ushketim
al chiyuchim umabatim yafim,
shemeroshi hem lo cholfim.

Ani zocher otach,
od bihyotech yalda ktanah,
im shtei gumot velachash manginah,
veim oto chiyuch tamid bapeh -
kiviti she yihyeh yafeh.

Ve'im mabat chatuf,
shegaram li lachshov al yom atzuv,
ratziti sheta'ani lemish'alot libi
veal tezalzeli baregashot sheli.

Ach lo paskah dmamah,
uchvar machshavati haytah shonah
hamachshavah klapei yalda ktanah
ota yaldah shebah taliti tikvah
hi gam garmah leachzavah.
Your brown eyes -
that remind me of the dreams
of those nice and quiet days,
of the beautiful smiles and looks,
that don't leave my mind.

I remember you,
still since you were a little girl,
with two dimples and whisper of melody,
and with the same smile always with your mouth -
I hoped it would be beautiful.

And with a captured look,
that causes me to think of a sad day,
I wanted you to answer to my heart's wishes,
and not to curse my feelings.

But the silence does not stop,
and my thought was already different,
the thought towards the little girl,
the same girl that I hung my hopes on,
she also caused my disappointment.



Hebrew words

LYRICS Suzi Seranga
SINGER Zohar Argov / Eyal Golan
CD Chalomot - Dreams    Track 3
CD Sing Karaoke Zohar Argov   Track 7
DANCE CHOREOGRAPHER Naftaly Kadosh  1994 / 1999


Words transliterated & translated by George Jakubovits of Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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