Ei hatal shelan bis'areich
Ugnavuhu areimot hashachat?

Ei hatan shetzachak basadeh
beleil zahav?

Ma li ran chalil
Sefatayich shetavlu bazemer.

Ma ganeich migan,
ganeich hachinanit.

Al esev li numi kevachalom.
Ohr gachlilit hinei kava pit'om.

At basha'arim cheresh se'i bo'eich.
Ad elef kol eilai yirash koleich.

Where is the dew that lay overnight in your hair
And was stolen by the haystacks?

Where is the jackal that laughed in the field
in the golden night?

What does the flute's joyous song mean to me
When your lips have been immersed in song.

How your garden is better than all gardens,
your graceful garden.

On the grass sleep for me, as in a dream.
The firefly's light has gone out suddenly.

At the gates, come in silently
Your voice will sound to me like a thousand voices.


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LYRICS Emanuel Zamir
MUSIC Emanuel Zamir

Song words transliterated and translated by Malka Tischler of New York
courtesy of the Israeli Dance Institute's Kesher Lemachol

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