Kshebagrush haya chor, vehotzenu
Et hazman al bitzot ukvishim,
lo hayiu chatichot, be'artzenu,
ach hayu, ya-chabibi, nashim!

Ach!, Eifo, eifo hen,
habachurot hahen,
im ha kuku ve hasarafan,
im haturyia
Lama kvar lo ro im otan?!

Hen hayiu az rochvot, kach, mima al,
al susei agudat ha Shomer .
Ach, kayiom hen rochvot al ha ba al,
ki chamor ze kvar esek acher...

Ach!, Eifo...

Hen tamnu bachaze Parabellum
Vechama rimonim lish at-esh,
ach, kayiom machsofim yesh ka elu,
she bekoshi nichnas ma sheyesh...

Ach!, Eifo...

Hen karu al hagoren et Pu kin,
vekar u et halev, bo bezman!
Ach kayiom ze shone beferush, ki
Hen mi ad nigashot la ini an...

Ach!, Eifo...
When there was a hole in the Piastre
and we spent our time on swamps and road-making,
there were no good-looking girls, in our land,
but there were, ya-chabibi, Women!

Brother, where are they,
those girls,
with the ponytail and the sarafan,
with the hoe
and the lash,
why we don t see them anymore?!

They were riding from above
on the Hashomer Union's horses,
but nowadays they ride on their husband,
and an ass, he is another matter...

Brother, where...

They hid a Parabellum in their chest,
and a few grenades, for battle-time,
but nowadays there are such plunging necklines,
that, what they do have, it can hardly fit in...

Brother, where...

They read Pu kin on the threshing-floor,
and ripped apart the heart,
meanwhile, but nowadays, it's totally different:
they go straight to... the point...

Brother, where...



Hebrew words

LYRICS Yossi Gamzu
MUSIC Russian folk

Yehoram Gaon

CD 40 Golden Hits   Disc 1 Track 8



Transliteration, English translation, links and singable Italian translation
by Daniel Shalev of Rishon Le Zion, Israel
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Singable Italian translation
In quei tempi che c erano, amico
più paludi che strade, quaggiù,
anche senza la "mini", ti dico
che le donne eran donne di più!

Ma dove sono, ormai,
quelle ragazze, sai,
con la treccia e le gonne fino ai piè?
Erano Donne
le nostre nonne,
come adesso più non c'è!

Cavalcavano in modo perito
i focosi destrieri di un dì,
or cavalcano in groppa al marito,
ché il somaro si doma così!

Ma dove sono, ormai...

Si celavano il mitra nel seno,
due granate, però credi a me,
oggigiorno, che il posto è assai meno,
c entra a stento quel tanto che c è!

Ma dove sono, ormai...

Declamavan di Pu kin un verso,
là, sull aia, stracciandoti il cuor,
oggi invece è tutto diverso:
vanno dritte a fare all amor!

Ma dove sono, ormai...

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