Ani kam be'ivrit baboker
veshote be'ivrit kafeh
meshalem be'ivrit beyoker
al kol davar she'ani koneh.

Bisfato shel david hamelech,
ani chai umashmia kol
vekore sipurim layeled
ken, tamid miyamin lismol.

Beivrit yesh milim beshefa
lehagid et hakol kim'at
yesh ba teka veyesh ba sheka
ach, ein milah ivrit letakt.

Mitragesh be'ivrit miperach
venose be'ivrit t'filah
mitragez be'ivrit bin rega
umarbitz be'ivrit k'lalah.

Ani choshev va'ani kotev
be'ivrit bli koshi
ve'ohev le'ehov otach
be'ivrit bil'adit.
Zot safah nehederet
lo tihyeh li acheret,
ach, balailah balailah,
Ani cholem od bisfaradit.

Emunim be'ivrit shomer lach,
vesoger be'ivrit trisim,
lailah tov be'ivrit omer lach
vegam sofer be'ivrit kvasim.

Ha'ivrit mishtanah bli heref,
ze hitchil beluchot habrit,
ani chay besafah doheret
ve'amut kanir'e be'ivrit.

Chorus x 4

I get up in Hebrew in the morning
and drink coffee in Hebrew,
I pay expensively in Hebrew,
for each thing that I buy.

In the tongue of King David,
I live and speak,
and read stories to a child,
yes, always from right to left.

In hebrew, there are plenty of words,
to say almost everything,
In it there's plug and socket,
but there's no Hebrew word for tact.

I get excited in Hebrew from a flower,
and say my prayers in Hebrew
I get angry in Hebrew in a second,
and I say a curse in Hebrew.

I think and I write,
in Hebrew, without difficulty,
and love to love you,
in Hebrew, alone.
It's a wonderful language,
I won't have any other,
but, at night, at night,
I dream still in Spanish.

I keep faithful to you in Hebrew
and in Hebrew close the blinds,
good night I tell you in Hebrew,
and even count sheep in Hebrew.

Hebrew gets changed constantly,
it started with the ten commandments
I live in a hurrying language
and it seems I'll die in Hebrew.

Chorus x 4



Hebrew words

LYRICS Ehud Manor
MUSIC Shlomo Yidov
SINGER Shlomo Yidov
CD Dream in Spanish   Track 5


Words transliterated & translated by George Jakubovits of Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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