Tirkedi Iti  

Kshenichnast et chayai lo hevanti
Ech epol kmo parpar berishtech
Uchmo behiluch otomati
Hitdarder az libi beyadech

Kshekalateti pit'om et hakesem
Lo yacholti yoter bil'adav
Hakishuf hishtalet ad ha'etzem
Ein matzav leshanot zot achshav  

Patacht li bet meshuga'im
Baguf uvanshama
Hitraft oti achshav sofit
Asit bi mehuma

Tirkedi iti tirkedi iti ad she'eraga
Tirkedi ito tirkedi ito ad she'eraga  

Hatchusha betochi at yoda'at
Nemesa lemulech kmo gvina
At tzricha rak lingos velaga'at
Velitrof et nafshi bashena  

Ze chizur gorali kmo beseret
Bli kosem arnavot ve'yonim
Rak rikud shemagbir et haketzev
Yom valayla ad sof hashanim

Patachti li....

When you came into my life I could not understand
How I will be caught in your net, like a butterfly
Like in a automatic gear
My heart deteriorated in your hand  

Suddenly I caught the magic
I couldn't do without it no more
The spell took over, right to the bone
It can not be changed now  

You have opened a mad house in me
In my body and soul
You have made me completely insane
You put me in turmoil

Dance with me, dance with me, until I will calm down
Dance with him, dance with him, until he will calm down

You know, this sensation in me
Melts like cheese in front of you
All you need to do is bite and touch
And to torment my soul when I sleep  

It is a fatal courtship, like in a movie
Without a magician rabbits and pigeons
Only a dance that raises the beat
Day and night until the end of times

You have opened.........


Hebrew words

LYRICS Yo'av Ginai
MUSIC Yoni Rohe
SINGER Li'or Narkis
CD Milim Le'ahava - Words for Love   Track 1


Words transliterated and translated by Chana Shuvaly of Melbourne, Australia.
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