(Heye Chazak Chaver)  

Dvarim ktanim dvarim pshutim,
uktzat haftaot be'emtza haderech,

Zmanim cholfim umishtanim
etmol ata hayita melech.

Lean parchu hatzipiut
ve'ech nisharta bli tshuva,

Od lo hispakta la'asot uma
nishar mikol ha'ahava.

Hakol taluy becha chaver,
heye chazak - al tishaver,

Al titen la'atzvut becha lifgoa,
heye chazak vetitgaber.

Hakol taluy....

Kashe lirot ech lifamim,
galgal nisgar be'emtza hasipur,

Ve'en kvar koach legufcha yoter limshoch,
Yacholta levater
aval lecha asur

Hakol taluy...

Hamaskana chaver
esof et kol hakoach, kal yoter ledaber kshehapachad mish'tachrer

Ze lo nachon ata mevin shezo haderech
Heye chazak chaver - heye chazak


Little things, simple things
and a few surprises in the middle of the road

Times pass and change,
yesterday you were king.

Where did the exceptions go
and you are left without an answer.

You haven't done all you wanted
and what is left from all the love.

Every thing depends on you, my friend,
be strong, don't break,

Don't let sadness touch you,
be strong and get over your challenges.

Everything depends on you......

It is hard to see - but sometimes
the circle is closed in the middle of the story.

And your body has no more strength to pull,
You could have given
up but you are not allowed to.

Every thing is up to you........

The conclusion, my friend,
is: gather all your strength.
It is easier to talk

when you get over your fear.
You understand that this is the way,
Be strong my friend be strong.

Every thing is up to you........


LYRICS Ehud Manor
MUSIC Boaz Sharabi
SINGER Boaz Sharabi

Words transliterated and translated by
Chana Shuvaly of Shir Verikud, Melbourne, Australia.

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