Matai tavini, at hamal'ach sheli

Ve'ein, gam lo tihye, od milvadech

Matai tar'i li et hachiyuch shelach

Sherak etmol shalat be'olamech


Et ha'olam al kaf yadech tamid ani'ach

Velo arpe lerega milibech

Shelach ehye la'ad, ani mavti'ach

Hasiri kol dim'a shebe'enech


Chaki od rega al yiplu panayich

Ve'al na tisgeri libech alai

Ki al otzar kamoch lo avater le'olam

Oh, oh


Adayin sahva el toch libi tikva

Sheyom yavo ve'at od tislechi

Aval lo tama betoch roshi hamachshava

Shebentayim tishkechi


Et ha'olam...


Chaki od......

When will you understand that you are my angel

I never had, or will have, another

When will you show me your smile

That only yesterday ruled your world


I will always put the world on the palm of your hand

And I will not let go of your heart for one minute

I promise to be yours for ever

Wipe every tear from your eye


Whit a minute, don't let your face fall

And don't shut your heart from me

Because I will never give up a treasure like you

Oh, oh,


There is still a hope in my heart

That the day will come and you will forgive me

And in my head the thought is still roaming

The thought you will forget


Hebrew words

LYRICS & MUSIC Yaron Cohen & Sagiv Cohen
SINGER Sagiv Cohen


DANCE VIDEO Dance demonstrated by Gadi Bitton & Ety

Words transliterated and translated by Chana Shuvaly of Melbourne, Australia.
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