Kan becafe Alhambra
ha'avir omed veharosh scharchar
Ken becafe Alhambra
lo rotzim lachshov ma yiheh machar
Kol hapanim, enayim,
kol hametarim metuchim meod
Kan ahava umavet
mitchabkim kol od mamshichim lirkod.

Ze asuy mere'ach bosem
unkishot shel akevim
Bli tzfifut uvli fantaziot
utzvaim azim azim
Ze asuy mitzipornayim,
ayefut va'alkohol
Rak otcha ani ohevet
biladecha shuv epol.

Kan becafe Alhambra
hara'av gadol hachelka prua
Yad anuga sholachat
et susey hapere shel hakina
Oy mangina rotachat
hu muchrach lavo hu hivtiach li
Kan becafe Alhambra
ze hashir shelanu vehu sheli

Ze asuy mere'ach bosem................


Here in Café Alhambra
the air is not moving and the head gets dizzy
Here in Café Alhambra
you don't want to think what will happen tomorrow
All the faces, the eyes
the nerve strings look very stressed
Love and death
are hugged together as long as dancing continues

This one full of perfume
and tapping of shoe heals
It is crowded full of illusions
and bright colors
It is made of nails,
tiredness and alcohol
You are the only one I love
without you I will fall

Here in Café Alhambra
it is wild and the hunger is great
A delicate hand releases
the wild horses of jealousy
Oh boiling melody
he must come back, so he promised me
Here in Café Alhambra
it is our song and he is mine

This one full of perfume.................................


COMPOSER Yeroslav Yakobovitch
SINGER Margalit Tzanani



Transliterated and translated by
Chana Shuvaly of Melbourne, Australia.

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