Bimdinat hagamadim
ra'ash mehumah,
Hatzavah, lavush madim,
yotzeh lamilchamah,
Uverosh hagdud tzo'ed
Etzbe oni hamefaked,
Hu lovesh kova pladah
uvyado sika chadah.

La la la la la

Acharav haparashim,
rechuvim al paroshim,
Memal im chalal avir
bishrikot uvekol shir.
Ham tofef makeh be'oz
al chatzi klipat egoz
Veyashir ma tov uma
tzet yachdav lamilchamah.

La la la la

Im chesh chah ha'afifon
tas, mamash ke aviron,
Hu me ir lekol nanas
et haderech befanas.
Bi mdinat hagamadim
tam im erev kol sha'on,
Hatzavah poshet madim
vechulam shochvim lishon.

La la la la
In the land of the dwarfs,
noise and confusion,
The army, in uniform,
goes out to war,
At the battalion's head
Commander Tomthumb marches,
He wears a steel helmet,
and has a sharp pin in his hand.

La la la la

After him, the cavalry come,
riding on fleas,
They fill the air with
whistles and song s voices.
The drummer hits with force
on half a shell of nut
And sings: How good is
going out to war together! .

La la la la

At dark the kite flys
right as an aircraft,
It lightens the road
to every midget with a lantern.
In the dwarfs country
the noise stops at dark,
The army pus off the uniform,
and everybody go to sleep.

La la la la



Hebrew words

LYRICS Ella Amitan
MUSIC Yitzhak Levi

Nava Bosmi (daughter of Shoshana Damari)

Arik Einstein, Uzi Hitman
CD A Selection for Children  Track 2

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Singable Italian translation by Daniel Shalev of Rishon Le Zion, Israel
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Italian translation
Dei nani nella terra
grande confusion,
si preparano alla guerra,
pronti alla tenzon.
Primo, con la spilla in resta,
Pollicino General
(ed un elmo sulla testa,
per non farsi troppo mal!). [ved. nota] 1

La la la la ...

Ecco giungere per via
la Cavalleria,
sulle pulci stan saltando,
vengono cantando.
Batte forte il tamburino
sulla noce, col cerino,
sta cantando una canzon:
Siamo pronti alla tenzon! .

La la la la

Al tramonto l Aviazione,
sotto forma d aquilone,
ecco illumina dall alto,
prima dell assalto...
Scende notte e nel paese
È finito il grande chiasso,
ogni nano, in borghese,
dorme come un sasso.

La la la la...
Translator's note:
The rhyme was taken from a humorous poem, written at the beginning of the 20th century.

It was about a Crusader named Anselmo, who went to war and "put a helmet on his head to not get hurt too much".

The sad story says that Proud Anselmo ate some salty dish with Salah-A-Din, got thirsty, but, alas! there was a small hole in the helmet, and so he died from thirst.

"Proud Anselmo" was a very popular children's poem in my father's times. It was printed on the back of many excercise-books, so every child of my father's generation knew it by heart.

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