(in Arabic)

Ima adamah sheli
lo sheli kol ma shehaya sheli
afilu hamedinah sheli, sakanah sheli
hafchah lihyot sak chavatot
le'yetziot beinleumiot
sheyik'veu li im lihyot o lo lihyot.

lo marimim t'arosh ochlim makot
einaim atzumot.
tsoreach: chiyeh veten lichyot
ze lo ha'am sheli
yafei nefesh, hazayot
yafey nefesh, betoch refesh lo yachol lihyot
aval anachnu kan veaf pa'am lo nelech mikan
hatzionut badam
hayehudi shemechabed islam
vegam natzrut vebudhaizm
gam ken et kulam
hagaron shel raveh ani lo tzame ledam
tavin dam shofech dam
vehu shofech dam
ve'az ba dod shelo
vedam shelo nishpach gam
chaval al hazman lo kam hu lo yitorer
aba lo yishkiv t'ayeladim lishon yoter.

mi ani ma ani yad'ati
shorashai uminain bati
ani kan umekan higati
"hadi ardi hona biladi"
(zot admati vezot medinati)

tistakli al hayom
ani hinachti t'auzon
hiramti mikrofon
cholem al shalom
mekabel lehitraot
f* nisim ve nifla'ot
hakol rak ashlayot
chay bese'arah, balev hasakanah
tzarot kol kach gdolot bamedinah kol kach ktanah
rotzeh lichyot,
lamut zakuf, shamut, chofshi,
chatuf, matchil, kaput, omed, nofel, chayal,
mechabel, noten, gozel, eloim, azazel
ata bechur shafuch
ech hakol hafach hafuch
nidbak lecha lasakanah, kmo lekur hituch
shuv kamim noflim, min hapachad el hapach
shishim veteisha mithapchim
nahafoch hu mahapach
shuv pa'am midrachah batsevah adamdam
lev adam nadam layam zorem hadam
chara shel olam metziut im atzirut
chay beseret met lichyot, chay kdei lamut

mi ani
ma ani yad'ati
shorashai uminain bati
ani kan umekan higati
"hadi ardi hona biladi"
My mother Earth
everything that was mine is not mine
even my country is my danger
that turned to be a punching bag
for international exits
that will determine to be or not to be.

The head is not raised, taking punches
with eyes closed.
Screaming: live and let live
this is not my nation,
wanna-bes and illusions
can't be in the mud
but we are here and we'll never walk away from here,
the Zionism is in the Jewish blood,
that respects Islams
and also Christianity and Buddhism
and everyone else too my throat is satisfied,
I'm not thirsty for blood,
understand blood spills blood,
and one spills blood
and then comes his uncle
and his blood is also spilled waste of time,
doesn't get up, doesn't wake up,
father doesn't put the kids to sleep anymore.

Who am I, what did I know
my roots, where did I come from?
I'm here and I came from here.
"hadi ardi hona biladi"
(this is my land and my country)

Look at this day,
I left the weapon,
I picked up the mic,
I dream of peace,
to get goodbyes,
f* miracles and wonders,
everything's illusions.
Living in a storm, in the centre of danger,
sorrows so great in a country so small,
I wanna live,
die straight, crooked, free,
captured, starting, done standing, falling soldier,
terrorist, giving, taking God, Hell
You're an exhausted son,
how everything turned opposite,
stick with danger, like with your relatives,
again rising and falling, from the fear to the trash,
69 and then we switch,
he is turned and he turns/makes turn
as again the sidewalk is bloodied up
human heart stopped, blood flows to the sea,
world's sh*, reality with constipation living in a movie,
give it all just to live, live in order to die

Who am i, what did i know
my roots, where did i come from?
I'm here and I came from here.
"hadi ardi hona biladi"
(this is my land and my country)



Hebrew words

LYRICS Yoav Eliasi and Kobi Shimoni
MUSIC Kobi Shimoni
SINGER Subliminal and Lior Elmalich
CD The Light & The Shadow    Track 10
LINK Israel Hip Hop

Words transliterated & translated by George Jakubovits of Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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