Kshehatfilot olot el hashamyim

Ani shomer li al hakaym

Vehachayim ovrim al pney hamayim

Yof'yam shel chol vayam

Ha'etzba'ot chashot shuv et hadofek

Bechol makom shebo achush ke'ev

Ha'akevot shomrot et kav ha'ofek

Ze zman lehit'a'hev


Biglali at sheli

Yofyam shel chol lavan veyam gali


Nasati et gufech bishtey yadayim

Be'adinut hishkavti al hachol

Vehazricha hafcha lishtey enayim

Hakol nitzba kachol

Lakacht oti kmo ru'ach al hamayim

Uviladayich shuv einy kayam

Ki mabatech noge'a bashamayim

Amok mimey hayam


Ba'ahava anachnu esh umayim

Bichtav starim charatet li chidot

Pil'ey yofyech od lo niglu la'ayin

Kmotam gam hasodot

Bekav hachof elech be'ikvotayich

Kmo hashalem al kol hachalakim

Umeluchot enai vesiftotayich

Hamayim mechakim

When prayers go up to heaven

I guard what is here

Life passes above the water

The beauty of sand and sea

The fingers feel the pulse again

Any where I feel the pain

The steps guard the horizon

It is time to fall in love


You are mine because of me

The beauty of white sand and a wavy sea

I carried your body with two hands

I laid you on the sand, gently

The sun rise turned into two eyes

Every thing was painted blue

You took me like wind on water

With out you I exist no more

Because your stare touches the sky

Deep then the sea water


In love we are fire and water

You engraved riddles in me, as in a code

The wonders of your beauty haven't been discovered yet

And so are the secrets

I will follow you on the shore line

Like the whole on the parts

My eyes are salty and so are your lips

The water is waiting


LYRICS Nurit Bat Shachar Tzafrir
MUSIC Yizhar Cohen
SINGER Yehuda Elias
CD Hivtacht Shetohavi Oti   1996   Track 4


  Words transliterated and translated by Chana Shuvaly of Melbourne, Australia.
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