Hey kinori, chaver laderech
Anachnu yachad kvar shanim.
Avarnu kawl machoz vafelech
Lehan'im lahamonim.
Ach hagoral hikani shevet.
Ha'or ne'elam bein hatzlalim.
Uvechadri boche besheket,
Bocheh kinor Le'Elokim.

Bechei kinor Le'Elokim -
Saper le'olam ki chai odeni.
Shtei einai kavu,
Kawl rei'ai azvu,
Rak otcha ish lo yikach mimeni.

Eich zichronot olim kawl erev.
Kahal gadol ani sochef.
L'vad notarti li bashevet
Ach hanigun oti otef.
Miniguncha boke'a etzev
Oleh mesaper et bechi halev.
Nagel li shuv, nagen baheref
Shebein hatza'ar lake'ev.

Bechei kinor.....

Hey violin, companion on my path
We've been together many years.
We've passed through every region and district
To bring pleasure to the crowds.
But fate hit me with a stick.
The light has disappeared among the shadows.
And in my room it cries quietly,
The violin cries to God.

Cry, violin, to God -
Tell the world that I'm still alive.
My two eyes have dimmed,
All my friends have gone,
Only you, no one can take from me.

How memories rise every evening.
I sweep a large audience off their feet.
I alone remain, of my tribe
But the melody envelops me.
From your melody, sadness breaks through
Rises, telling the crying of the heart.
Play for me again, play in the instant
That is between the sorrow and the pain.

Cry, violin....


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LYRICS Yossi Gispan
MUSIC Yossi Gispan
SINGER Uriel Shlomi
CD Ani Shar, Ani Kayam - I'm Singing, I'm Existing   Track 1
DANCE DEMONSTRATION VIDEO Demonstrated by Victor Gabay

Song words transliterated and translated by Malka Tischler of New York
courtesy of the Israeli Dance Institute's Kesher Lemachol
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