Mashka'ot al haduchan veha'ochel kvar muchan

Eze yofi shel shulchan, bachafla

Chumus yesh utchina yesh, vegam stekim al ha'esh

Kol echad, al titbayesh, bachafla


Et habira po niftach, yesh gam arak meshubach

Bo nashir u'vo nismach, bachafla

Lahaka im zamarim, mengnim al metarim

Rak sababa shel shirim, bachafla


Bachafla, bachafla, kulanu chaverim

Bachafla, bachafla, kulanu tze'irim

Yesh chafla, Yesh chafla, hadliku ha'orot

Bachafla, bachafla, nishkach mehatzarot


Hine Roza hashmena, mesovevet et motna

Et chaza veyashvana, bachafla

habuzuki meyalel, ad haboker nishtolel

kama tov beIsrael, bachafla




Vehine pit'om nigash, lashulchan bachur chadash

Ktzat to'esh uktzat nirgash, bachafla

Az amarnu lo: slicha, ma hadawawin shelcha

Hu ana: zo stam bdicha, bachafla


Drinks on the bench, the food is ready

What a beautifully set table, at the party

There is humous, tehina and steaks on the grill

Don't be shy, everybody, at the party


We'll open the beer, there is good Arak

Let's sing and be happy in the party

A band with singers, play the string instruments

Only great songs, at the party


At the party, at the party, we are all friends

At the party, at the party, we are all young

There is a party, there is a party, put the lights on

At the party, at the party, we'll forget our troubles


Here is fat Roza, swinging her hips

Her breasts and back side, in the party

The bouzouki is howling, we will be wild until morning

It is great in Israel, at the party


At the party......

Suddenly a new guy comes to the table

A bit loud, a bit excited, in the party

So we said to him: excuse us, what's your story?

He answered: it is only a joke, in the party


At the party......


LYRICS To be advised
MUSIC To be advised
SINGER Eitan Massuri
CD 20 Best Hits  Track 1

Words transliterated and translated by Chana Shuvaly of Melbourne, Australia.
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