Itach efshar lehishtage'a
le'abed et hachushim
Mistovev muke yareach
ve'at ein lach elohim
Et chayai at metaltelet
ani kvar lo metafked
Baregashot sheli sholetet
mitkashe lehitmoded

Chorus: (repeated twice)
Baby - lach eten hakol
Baby - ani kvar lo yachol
Baby - at hamangina
she'ani shar kol pa'am mehatchala

Otach ani rotze kavua
aval at lo mavticha
Shetavoi hashavua
ken uali lo betucha
Bechayai ani nishba lach
she'etzli tihyi malka
Im tachliti kvar ksheba lach
rak iti bli hafsaka



With you I get go wild
and lose all my senses
I walk like I am moon struck
and you have no God
You shake my life
I am not functioning
You rule my feelings
and I find it hard to deal with life

Chorus: (repeated twice)
Baby - I will give you every thing
Baby - I can't stand it any more
Baby - You are the melody
that I sing each time from the start

I want you for good
but you don't promise a thing
May be you will come this week
yes -may be - you're not sure
On my life I swear to you
That I'll treat you like a queen
When you decide when you feel like it
to be only with me all the time


LYRICS Nachum Mochiach
MUSIC Ron Shoval
SINGER Ron Shoval



The words to this song were transliterated and translated by
Chana Shuvaly of Shir Verikud, Melbourne, Australia.

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