Lo over bentayim yom im menucha

Sho'el otach lema lehit'a'hev

Yesh lanu shamayim, yesh bahem bracha

Shnenu ze michshol la'ahava


Al tehi tzodeket, shnenu lo davar pashut

Aval nachon sheyesh lanu tikva

Eich she'at horeset kacha at bona

Hakol chozer kmo seret milchama


B'shem ha'ahava lach ani nichna

Umechake she'od hakol yihye beseder

Bechol hachalomot itach ani ega

Az bo'i venatchil mehatchala


Tenasi lismo'ach, tenasi lindod

Ulai nachzor ey pa'am hashana

Yesh lanu hako'ach ach kasha me'od

Ani dover beshem ha'ahava


At tehi...


B'shem ha'ahava.....


Uv'shem ha'ahava

Not one peaceful day passes by

I ask you: "why fall in love?"

We have the sky, they are blessed

Both of us stand as obstacle on love's path


Don't be right, both of us are not a simple matter

But it is true, we have a future

The same way you destroy, you build

It all comes back as a war movie


I surrender to you in the name of love

And I wait until all will be ok

I will touch all the dreams with you

So come and we will start from the beginning


Try to be happy, try to wander

May this year we will get together once more

We have the strength, but it is very hard

I speak in the name of love


Hebrew words

LYRICS Yaron Cohen
MUSIC Yaron Cohen & Shlomi Shabat
SINGER Shlomi Shabat
CD Zman Ahava  Track 4


DANCE VIDEO Dance demonstrated by Rafi Ziv

Words transliterated and translated by Chana Shuvaly of Melbourne, Australia.
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