Ash-rei yosh-vei vei-te-cha
Od ye-ha-l'-lu-cha se-la
Ash-rei ha-am she-ka-cha lo
Ash-rei ha-am she-A-do-nai E-lo-hav
T'-hee-la- l'-D-a-veed
A-ro-mem-cha E-lo-hai ha-Me-lech
Va-a-var-cha sheem-cha l'-o-lam va-ed
B'chol yom a-var-che-ka
Va-ah-ha-l'-la sheem-cha l'-olam va-ed
Ga-dol A-do-nai um-hoo-lal m'-od
V'-leeg-do-la-to ein che-ker
Dor l'dor y-sha-bach ma-ah-se-cha
Ug-vu-ro-te-cha ya-gee-doo
Ha-dar k'-vod ho-de-cha
V'-deev-rei nif-l'-o-te-cha a-see-cha
Ve-e-zuz nor-o-te-cha yo-mei-ru
Ug-du-lat-cha a-sap-re-na
Ze-cher rav tuv-cha ya-bee-u
V'-tzeed-kat-cha y'-ra-nei-nu
Cha-nun v'-ra-chum A-do-nai
E-rech a-pa-yim ug-dal cha-sed
Tov A-do-nai la-kol
V'-ra-cha-mav al kol ma-a-sav
Yo-du-cha A-do-nai kol ma-a-se-cha
Va-cha-see-de-cha y'-var-chu-cha
K'-vod mal-chut-cha yo-me-ru
Ug-vu-ro-t'cha y'-da-be-ru
L'ho-dee-ah liv-nei ha-ah-dam g'-vu-ro-tav
Uch-vod ha-dar mal-chu-to
Mal-chut'-cha mal-chut kol o-la-mim
U-mem-shal-te-cha b'-chol dor va-dor
So-mech A-do-nai l'-chol ha-nof-leem
V'zo-kef l'-chol hak-fu-fim
Ei-nei chol e-lei-cha y'-sa-be-ru
V'a-ta no-ten la-hem et och-lam b'-ee-to
Po-te-ach et ya-de-cha
U-mas-bi-a l-chol chai ra-tzon
Tza-deek A-do-nai b'-chol d'-ra-chav
V'-cha-seed b'-chol ma-a-sav
Ka-rov A-do-nai l'-chol kor-av
L'chol ah-sher yik-re-u-hu ve-e-met
R'-tzon y'-re-av ya-a-se
V'-et shav-a-tam yish-ma v'-yo-shi-em
Sho-mer A-do-nai et kol o-ha-vav
V'-et kol har-sha-im yash-mid
T'-hee-lat A-do-nai y'-da-ber pi
Vi-va-rech kol ba-sar shem kod-sho l'-o-lam va-ed
Va-a-nach-nu n'-va-rech Yah
Me-a-ta v''ad o-lam
Ha-le-lu-yah !

I will exalt You, my G-d the King, and I will bless Your Name forever and ever.
Every day I will bless You, and I will laud Your Name forever and ever.
Hashem is great and exceedingly lauded, and His greatness is beyond investigation.
Each generation will praise Your deeds to the next and of Your mightly deeds they will tell;
The splendrous glory of Your power and Your wonderous deeds I shall discuss.
And of Your awesome they will speak, and your greatness I shall relate.
A recollection of Your abundant goodness they will utter and of Your rughteousness they will sing exultantly.
Gracious and merciful is Hashem, slow to anger, and great in bestowing kindness.
Hashem is good to all; His mercies are on all His works.
All Your works shall thank You, Hashem, and Your devout ones will bless You.
Of the glory of Your kingdom they will speak, and of Your power they will tell.
To inform human being of His mighty deeds, and the glorious splendor of His kingdom.
Your kingdom is a kingdom spanning all eternities, and Your dominition is throughout every generation.
Hashem supports all the fallen ones and straightens all the bent.
The eyes of all look to You with hope and You give them their food in it's proper time;
You open Your hand, and satisfy the desire of every living thing.
Righteous is Hashem in all His ways and magnaninous in all His deeds.
Hashem is close to all who call upon Him - to all who call upon Him sincerely.
The will of those who fear Him He will do; and their cry He will hear, and save them.
Hashem protects all who love Him; but all the wicked He will destroy.
May my mouth declare the praise of Hashem and may all flesh bless His Holy Name forever and ever. We will bless G-d from this time and forever, Halleluy-ah!

LYRICS Liturgy



The words to this song were transliterated and translated by
Shirona of New York, USA

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