Artzeinu haktantonet,
artzeinu hayafa
Moledet bli kutonet.
Moledet yechefa
Kablini el shirayich,
kala yefeifiya
Pitchi li shearayich
avo bam ode Ya

Betzel atzey hachoresh
harchek me'or chama

Yachdav nakeh po shoresh
el lev ha'adama

El ma'ayanot hazohar
el be'erot hatom

Moledet lelo to'ar
vetzo'ani yatom

Od lo tamu kol pla'ayich
od hazemer lo tam

Od libi make im layil
velochesh lo balat

At li at ha'achat
at li em uvat

At li at hame'at,
hameat shenotar

Navia bivgadenu
et re'ach hakfarim

Befa'amon libenu
yaku ha'adarim

Yeshna dmama roga'at
vekern or yafa

Ule'ora nifsa
beregel yechefa

Od lo tamu.....

Our tiny country,
Our beautiful country,
Our naked homeland
Our barefoot homeland

Accept me into your songs,
beautiful bride

Open your gates
so I can come in and I will thank God

In the shade of the trees in the grove,
far away from the sun light

Together we will grow roots
into the heart of the land

Into the bright springs
and the innocent wells

A homeland without a title
like an orphan gypsy

Your wonders are not yet finished,
neither your songs

My heart beats at night
and whispers to me

You are the one,
You are my mother and my sister

You are the small amount
the small amount that is left

In our clothes we'll bring
the smell of the villages

in the bells of our hearts
The flocks will bleat

There is a calm silence
and a beautiful light beam

under its light
we will walk barefoot

Your wonders are not yet finished.....


SINGER Rami Kleinstein
MUSIC Rami Kleinstein
CD The Collection   Track 11
Your Never-Ending Wonders
DANCE CHOREOGRAPHER Tuvia Tishler   1996
DANCE VIDEO Demonstrated by Tuvia Tishler

Words transliterated and translated by
Chana Shuvaly of Melbourne, Australia.

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