Anshei hageshem mitkavtsim b'mileihem
Hem kvar lamdu eich lehatznia et atzmam
Tipot gdolot zolgot mikchol leiloteihem -

Topot gdolot zolgot al elbonam
At merucheket ve'enech ro'ah otam
Hem mekabtzin et chiuchayich bigneva

Ki mabatech od lo pagash bemabatam
Od lo amart lahem mila tova
Im ahuvayich yafkiruch

Im tachanik otach bgidah
Im leshlom kvar ish otach lo yevarech
Anshe hageshem yachtiruch

Lemalkatam hayechida
Veyachleku itach et lechem tza'arech
Odech chogeget ve'enech zkukah lahem

Anshei hageshem mabitim bach bechemla
Lu rak yachlu hayu notim et chayeyhem
Lishmor otach me'oni oh machala.

The rain people shrink in their coats
They have learnt how to humble themselves
Big drops running down the blue of their nights -

Big tears of insult
You are remote and do not see them
They secretly gather your smiles

Your eyes haven't met their eyes
You haven't yet told them a good word
If your lovers abandon you

If betrayal strangles you
If nobody will say “Hello” to you
The rain people will crown you

To be their queen
And will share with you the bread of their sorrow
You are still celebrating and you don't need them

The rain people look at you with compassion
If only they could, they would give their life
To guard you from poverty or illness.



LYRICS Rachel Shapira
MUSIC Nachum Heyman
SINGER Orna & Moshe Datz
CD The Best Of Duo Datz    Track 5



The words to this song were sent in by Loui Tucker of San Francisco, California, USA

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