Zocheret ech nahagnu bamechonit hayeshana
Sha'ar hagai tishim vasheva
Nichoach oranim litef et or halevana
Sipur romanti shel hateva

Baradio hakaryan diber al asonot
Hinacht alai roshech mipachad
Dibarnu az al yeladim veahava
Az boi vetashiri li tikva

Ani avi lach kochav, shoshana
Ashir lach beyom hashana
Im rak tagidi ken, beyachad ezdaken itach

Keshehiganu lamachlef shel tel aviv
Kvutzat soney shalom hifgina
Mismol hayta pnia leshvil haohavim
At amart li kach yemina

Lu rak yadati sheulai tagidi ken
Hayiti ad Cheifa magia
Sham yashar leyerach dvash al haYarden
Velach hayiti et hakol noten

Remember how we drove the old car
to Sha'ar Hagi* in 1997,
The fragrance of the pine tree fondled the moon's light,
nature's romantic story.

The radio broadcaster announced disasters,
you put your head on my shoulders, and you were scared,
We talked about love and kids,
so come on sing hope for me.

I will bring you a star and a rose,
I will sing to you on each anniversary,
If only you will say yes I will grow older with you.

We came to the road leading to Tel-Aviv,
a group of peace haters were demonstrating,
To the left there was a turn to the lovers' path,
but you told me to turn right,

If I only knew you would say yes
I would even reach Haifa,
From there straight to the Jordan River for a honey moon
and I would give you every thing.


Hebrew words

Translator's note:
*Sha'ar Hagai is on the way to Jerusalem.
In 1947 Jerusalem was under siege and trucks were driving from Tel Aviv to bring food and other necessities.
When they entered Sha'ar Hagai the Arab forces were waiting on the mountains shooting to stop the convoys.
Many Israelis were killed there and you can still see today the remains of the trucks as you drive up to Jerusalem.


LYRICS Zeev Nechama/Tamir Kaliski
MUSIC Zeev Nechama/Tamir Kaliski
CD Welcome To Israel   Track 7


Words transliterated and translated by Chana Shuvaly of Melbourne, Australia.

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