Lo hevanti ech umadu'a
ech kol yom mitarech leshavu'a
lo yad'ati eifoh ve'ech
hayiti levad ad bo'ech.

Menwit pizmen yazrali
vintayh yarabi shuf manchali
brit nshufak yanur eini
alesh ya ruchi walesh.

Lo hevanti mah sham karah lach
im yaradt o alit ad lemalah
lo yad'ati eifoh ve'ech
merachok sham'ati kolech.

Halev lo amar ki ta'iti
mehata'am shelach lo nigmalti
emor elohim li madu'a?
ani shat levadi im haruach.

Alesh ya ruchi walesh
k'litini oumshiti walesh.
I didn't understand how and why
how each day extends to a week
I didn't know where and how
I was alone until you came.

My God sees ...
I need to see you ...
lights of my eyes ...

I didn't get what happened to you there
If you descended or ascended up,
I didn't know where and how,
from afar I heard your voice.

The heart didn't say for I erred,
I haven't gotten over your taste,
tell me God: why?
I roam around alone with the wind.

... my soul,
you told me to come...



Hebrew words

LYRICS Yehudah Masas & Masoud Krouchi
MUSIC Shimon Bouskila
SINGER Shlomo Artzi and Shimon Bouskila
CD Ahavtihem - l Loved Them  Track 6



Words transliterated & translated by George Jakubovits of Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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