Yacheilui yachali hedeiman ala bali (2x)

Akaltak il chali ulabastek il ghali


Hei wala-lemachei-ba bali, ah ya rabi tuba (3x)


Chabibi fi ya nas achelwa womach-tuba (2x)

Wontuneh si-il'tuni achelwa womach-buba


Hei wala-lemachei-ba bali, ah ya rabi tuba (3x)


Chalafti lak eiman chabibi weyasleiman (2x)

Nisirti lak chamda uma beini ubeinak


Hei wala-lemachei-ba bali, ah ya rabi tuba (3x)

Ei wa


Badeh il chilu badeh, ya nas chilu jadeh (2x)
Asmar wichalani
Akul asel nuba


Hei wala-lemachei-ba bali, ah ya rabi tuba (3x)


Chabibi il ghani ebilchobi alamni (2x)

La wa nisish jumbi
Ma chad bili jumbi


Hei wala-lemachei-ba bali, ah ya rabi tuba (3x)

Ei wa!

My sweet love

You are always with me

I have fed you the most succulent of foods

And clothed you in the most expensive brocades


Oh, what a lunatic love!

G-d, help me...


There are those who don't understand

The nature of my lunatic love


Oh, what a lunatic love!

G-d, help me...


I made you swear,

For days and nights

That you would explain, once and for all,

What is happening, happening to us?


There are those who are jealous

That I am all-important to you


You are my special love,

And you revealed to me the secrets of love

You are the center of my thoughts

and imagination

I have no interest in any other.

*Ahuvi Chazor is the name of the dance based on the song. As translated by Keren Barak on the Fifty Gates of Wisdom album.

The transliteration is based on listening to Ofra Haza's singing and the text,
written in Hebrew letters, on her Shirei Teiman (Yemenite Songs) album.  
The language is a dialect of Arabic spoken by the Jews of Yemen.
Dashes were inserted only to make it easier to read.

From the album notes:
"Ya chilui" means my darling. This is a street song about love and courtship.
The song is a sort of dialog between him and her while the special atmosphere of this song,
like many others, is the ban on being together.
It is forbidden to see each other, to speak, and to touch, so that all longings are in the imagination only.

The dance Ahuvi Chazor is done to an earlier, faster version of the song.


Traditional Yemenite


Traditional Yemenite

SINGER Ofra Haza

Ofra Haza: Shirei Teiman (Yemenite Songs) - Hebrew version
Yemenite Songs (with English notes)   Track 2
Fifty Gates of Wisdom

Faster dance recording Shechunat Hatikvah Workshop double CD
Disk: Atik Noshan, Track 7

Song words sent in by Malka Tischler of New York

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