Eifo At Ahuvati? Where are you my Love?

Kol hanashim hameduka'ot,
shfutot al hasirim
Shomot milim meyuva'ot,
mimekorot zarim

Bu'ot sabon ba'arutzim,
osot lahen livkot
Besof maslul hamerutzim,
lema hein mechakot

Ahava, eifo at ahavati,
eifo at ahuvati
Ho ahava hiveret
Ahava, eifo at ahavati,
eifo at ahuvati
Matai tir'i oti

Nashim yafot nashim yafot,
ma mabatan nimlat
Kmo hamilim hanirdafot,
ein lo motzot miklat
Umesirot havak safek,
bimchi matlit kala
Shelo yavo lehitdapek,
im simanei hashe'eila

All the depressed women
judged by the pots
listening to the incoming words
from foreign sources

Soap bubbles and skin lines,
that make them cry
in the end of the race track,
what are they waiting for?

Love, where are you my love,
where are you my lover,
Oh, blind love Love,
where are you my love,
where are you my lover,
When will you see me

Pretty women, pretty women,
how their looks escape
like the synonymous words,
they don't find a safehouse
and from dustpans, doubt,
in a light smack of dustrag
that won't come and keep knocking,
with question marks.

Hebrew words

LYRICS Yankele Rotblit
MUSIC Shlomi Shabat
SINGER Shlomi Shabat

Words sent in by Henry Lederfeind of Sao Paulo, Brazil.
English translation by by George Jakubovits of Toronto, Ontario, Canada
with assistance from Howard Wachtel of Wilmington, Delaware, USA
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