Kshe ata chiver mitza'ar

Mitchaper bistikatchah

Ten li ledaber elecha

Velalechet bein tzlalecha

Lihiyiot itcha


Lo eshal otcha madu'a

Lo atrid et bdidutchah

Zehira kmo mehaseset

Be'otot chiba vechesed

Adaber itcha


Iesh bi koach iesh bi koach

Al tachus ala'i

Al tafria lakotzim shelcha

Lisrot et ragla'i


Kshe ata a'ief ad mavet

Lo nirdam bachashechah

Besha'a shesiutecha

Meradfim chalomotecha

Esha'er itcha


Al yadcha ani nodedet

Bein shnetcha li'ikitzatchah

Hamilim sheli shvirot hen

Vekapot yada'i ktanot hen

Ach hen letzidchah


Kshe'er'e o kshetomar li

Cheresh charishi

Ki metecha mikabtzim

Gam ani arkin et roshi


Lo eshal otcha madu'a…

When you, pale from sorrow,

hide yourself in your silence,

let me talk to you,

and let me go between your shades,

to be with you.


I will not ask you why,

I will not bother your lonliness,

careful, a bit hesitating,

with signs of care and loving-kindness,

I will talk with you.


There is strenght in me, there is strenght in me,

don't pity for me,

don't hinder your thorns from

scratching my legs.


When you, deadly tired,

cannot fall asleep in the dark,

in the hours when you nightmares

keep pursuiting your dreams,

I will remain with you.


Near to you I am wandering,

Between your sleep and your wake,

My words are fragile,

My palms are tiny,

But they are by your side.


When I will see, or you will tell me,

with a soft whisper,

that your dead are gathering toghether,

I will bend my head too.


I will not ask you…



Hebrew words

LYRICS Rachel Shapira
MUSIC Alona Turel

Chava Alberstein

DANCE CHOREOGRAPHER Naftaly Kadosh  1997



Transliteration, English translation and singable Italian translation
by Daniel Shalev of Rishon Le Zion, Israel
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Singable Italian translation

Seppellisci col silenzio
Il dolore che c'è in te.
Fai che asciughi questo pianto,
come l'ombra che t'è accanto,
fammi star con te.

Non ti chiederò ragione
E non ti disturberò,
ma, facendo attenzione,
con amore e devozione,
parlerò con te.

Ho la forza, ho la forza.
Non aver pietà.
La tua spina questi piedi
no, non graffierà.

Quando, stanco mortalmente,
tu non t'addormenti, ormai,
con gli incubi, che sovente
si rincorron nella mente,
resterò con te.

Vagabonda, ma presente,
quando dormi e quando no,
queste fragili parole,
le mie mani, queste sole,
sono accanto a te.

Ho la forza...

Se in silenzio tu mi dici,
io lo capirò
che i tuoi morti son tornati.
Li rispetterò.


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