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 Songsheets: Ready-to-print
4 songs: Maoz Tsur (Hebrew & English) - Yemei Ha'Chanukah (Hebrew & English)
Sevivon   (Hebrew with English translation) - My dreidel (English)

 Second printable song words sheet
O Chanukah O Chanukah (English & Yiddish)
Chanukah, Chanukah (Hebrew)
Mi y'maleil   (Hebrew & English)
Hanerot Halalu (Hebrew)
Al Hanisim (Hebrew)
Light one Candle (English)
Ocho Kandelikas (Ladino)
Lots of Latkes (Hebrew)
In the Window (English)
Not by Might, not by power (English)
courtesy Rachelle Shubert Music Director, Temple Emanu-El-Beth Sholom Montreal, Canada
  Yiddish Chanukah poem  translated by Theodore Bikel
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